What's the difference between an orangery and a conservatory?

Here at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists, we offer both orangeries and conservatories but we often get asked what really is the difference between them both.

Typically, orangeries are known to be bigger and grander, and were known as orangeries in days gone by because homeowners used to grow orange trees in their prestigious homes. The firm pillars formed shelter for the oranges whilst the expanse of glass all around allowed the suns rays in to help the oranges to grow and ripen.

Extending Your Conservatory For More Useable Space

Many people are faced with the fact that they need more room in their home; maybe your family has grown, maybe you now work form home and need that extra space? Or maybe you have bought a house and the conservatory does not quite suit your space requirements? Maybe you don’t want to move and feel a conservatory extension will give you that very needed extra space at a fraction of the cost of moving home!

When it comes to extending your conservatory, we can help you and advise you whether your current base and foundations are suitable and advise the most appropriate way of blending your extension in with your existing conservatory to transform it into one seamless and beautiful structure. We can access your options whether you have a lean to conservatory, an Edwardian, a P Shaped or a T shaped or even a Double hipped conservatory.

Planning Permission When Extending Your Existing Conservatory

Planning Permission is not always needed when extending your conservatory. There are certain size restrictions within the UK so these will need to be checked. These restrictions apply equally to new conservatories as well as to conservatory extensions.

At the time of writing, if you own a detached property, the length is not allowed to exceed more than 8m.

For terraced and semi-detached homes, this length is not allowed to exceed more than 6m.

And generally speaking , the structure (new or extended) should not cover more than half the area of your garden.

However, maybe you are planning on building upwards? If that is the case, the increased height should not exceed 4m or be higher than the highest part of your property’s roof. However, if it sits within 2m of your property’s boundary, its height should be no more than 3m high.

Thorough Assessment Needed For Your Conservatory Extension

Needless to say, a thorough assessment prior to undertaking any conservatory extension is always needed to ascertain things such as:

  1. Are your existing foundations suitable and sturdy enough for a new conservatory extension bearing down? If the answer is yes, that is great news for you and a lot of money saved. If the answer is no, it will need a whole new base and that will obviously add to the cost significantly.
  2. How large do you wish to have the new conservatory extension? Depending on your requirements, if you are planning to exceed what Building Regulations allow, you will need to seek Planning Permission before any work proceeds.
  3. What style, colour and materials do you seek? You may simply want to match in with your existing conservatory in terms of colour and styles. Or, maybe you want a whole different look and feel? There are so many options on the market today that you are spoilt for choice! We offer a selection of colours and timber lookalike foils so the choices are endless. Maybe you want cleaner lines with our chamfered profiles or alternatively, the Fully Sculptured look on all your window and door frames?
  4. What roof structure do you wish to have? If you currently have an inefficient glazed or an unsightly old polycarbonate roof, maybe you want to upgrade the whole roof whilst you are extending your conservatory? You do have the option of retaining your old roof and we build and blend into that or replace the whole structure whilst you are on the case. The most expensive but sophisticated of all the options is a new warm tiled roof making the existing conservatory and the proposed extension into one huge liveable extension. This is the ultimate, making it warm in Winter and cool in Summer and now you have a proper living space all year round.

Why not get Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists around to access these details for you and give you a Quotation. So why not let us at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists design the perfect conservatory for you. contact page today using our contact form or phone us on 01246558695.

Conservatories are Adding Value To Customers Homes

Is it time to move or improve? a constant question asked by home owners, need extra living space yet you love the area you are living in, then a new Conservatory or Replacement Conservatory roof may be the answer you are looking for.

The modern home owner is often looking for living solutions that respond to multiple issues, including extra storage, workspace, hobby space and relaxing, a new conservatory or replacement conservatory roof can deliver. If you are thinking about an extension or changing the way you use your home then call Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists for a hassle free, discussion.

We will happily give you a 3D design of your new conservatory, a fully inclusive price to install and provide all of the necessary building controls along with our comprehensive insurance backed warranty.