Refurbishing Your Conservatory Is A Cost Effective And Smart Option

Ever thought of refurbishing your conservatory? Maybe it has seen better days and looks a little worn and jaded? Maybe the uPVC panels are worn and faded or the Double Glazed units are misted up? Or maybe you have an old polycarbonate roof that looks unsightly now and has discoloured? If you Lean to conservatory, an Edwardian or Victorian style conservatory, refurbishment is always a cost effective option.

The good news is there is so much you can do to bring your old conservatory back to life! You often do not have to knock it down to replace it. You can save yourself a heap of money by upgrading the parts and areas that need it.

All Conservatories Need Care and Maintenance

All uPVC, timber or aluminium conservatories need maintenance and repair over time. Many of the earliest conservatories had polycarbonate roofs or inefficient double glazed units. These features made conservatories too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer. So, in effect not a very good living space at all!
Just changing your glass units alone within the main aluminium or uPVC frames is a huge improvement; these days the glass units (double glazed units) have microscopic coatings over the surface and are argon filled combined with having thermally efficient spacer bars. You also want to opt for A rated units as these are the most thermally efficient on the market today!

All these features help keep the heat in when needed whilst reflecting away all the UV rays away in hotter conditions. This alone stabilises out any temperature fluctuations.

Warm Tiled Roofs or Glazed Roofs For Your Conservatory Refurbishments

There are so many upgrades available on the market today for your conservatory roof. These range from replacing your polycarbonate roof to having a self cleaning glazed roof of various colour tints.
Also, there is the option of replacing your polycarbonate roof or glazed roof to a superb warm tiled roof possibly with some air/light vents for extra light.
Warm tiled roofs simply transform your conservatory into a proper extension to your home where it does actually keep the warmth in the Winter and keep it cool in the Summer – at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole conservatory!
Our warm tiled solid roofs are the incredibly robust as well as insulated. They blend in and compliment your home giving you that extra living space. They feel like a proper extension but can be light and airy too.

Disruption Levels Reduced and Money Saved With A Conservatory Refurbishment

You also will be pleased to hear that the disruption levels to your family and your home in refurbishing your old conservatory is way less than replacing totally for new. Much of the additional work required for a new conservatory such as digging foundations etc is not needed at all.

It is also so much more affordable to refurbish your conservatory – money saved in your pocket! Whether that is a new thermally efficient glazed self cleaning active glass roof, or new warm tiled roof or simply replacing the windows or doors. These alterations make your conservatory so much more thermally efficient.

The good news is that on the market today there are a huge array of options and styles available with different colour foils and woodgrains and different styles for windows and doors included fully sculptured designs as well as chamfered for uPVC.

If you are interested in a conservatory refurbishment or repair then get in touch via our contact page or call 01246 558695. Our team of experts at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Conservatories are Adding Value To Customers Homes

Is it time to move or improve? a constant question asked by home owners, need extra living space yet you love the area you are living in, then a new Conservatory or Replacement Conservatory roof may be the answer you are looking for. The modern home owner is often looking for living solutions that respond to multiple issues, including extra storage, workspace, hobby space and relaxing, a new conservatory or replacement conservatory roof can deliver. If you are thinking about an extension or changing the way you use your home then call Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists for a hassle free, discussion. We will happily give you a 3D design of your new conservatory, a fully inclusive price to install and provide all of the necessary building controls along with our comprehensive insurance backed warranty.