Edwardian Conservatories Make An Excellent Addition To Your Home

Edwardian Conservatories are a great addition to your home. But when it comes to selecting a conservatory there are multiple options on the market. However, it can sometimes be a little daunting deciding what works best for you. We understand that building a conservatory is likely to be a big commitment. You want to ensure you get it right and that’s where we come in here at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can help you make the right decision.

Edwardian Conservatories and why you should consider one

An Edwardian Conservatory offers multiple options in terms of material and style hence their popularity. With their sleek lines, and elegant design features they fit seamlessly onto your home.

If you have limited space Edwardian Conservatories are likely to be one the best options for you along with their counterparts, lean-to conservatories. Their shape helps you maximise floor space becoming the perfect extension to your home. So, whether it’s a play area, an entertainment space, a man cave or just a place to kick back and relax they can be enjoyed by many.

Roofing options for Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories are extremely versatile allowing you to create the best use of space. They have a bold rectangular shape and because of this you can choose from many roofing options. Poly-carbonate, double glazing, slate or tiled warm roofing options are available. You also have the option of the typical 3-sided roof or a 4-sided pitched roof.

Opting for the poly-carbonate or glazing roof will allow for a lot of natural light. However, we recommend you give additional thought to the benefits of a tiled warm roof. Recently we have seen an increase in demand for this roof type, as well as customer’s opting to have their conservatory roof changed to tile. The benefits a solid roof can add to your conservatory are huge. They become an extension of your home and can add value.

All year round

Conservatories are no longer considered just a summer room. They can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. New designs now make Edwardian Conservatories perfect any time of the year. Not only does the tiled roof option look elegant it allows for greater temperature control. The insulation means they are cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

Insulation also plays a part in the acoustics of the conservatory. When it rains you can sit peacefully in the knowledge your new conservatory is minimising the noise. Whether you opt for the typical 3-sided roof or the 4-sided pitched roof the guttering allows water to be carried away from your property.

Edwardian Conservatories and their clean lines

An added benefit to Edwardian Conservatories is their clean lines. Their design has been deliberately left uncomplicated. This allows you to maximise the natural light and minimise the obstructions to the outside world. So, when you can’t be outdoors, perhaps because of the rain, you can sit back and watch the world go by.

Edwardian Conservatories are available for installation throughout the year. So why not let us at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists design the perfect conservatory for you. Contact us today using our contact form or phone us on 01246 558695.

Conservatories are Adding Value To Customers Homes

Is it time to move or improve? a constant question asked by home owners, need extra living space yet you love the area you are living in, then a new Conservatory or Replacement Conservatory roof may be the answer you are looking for.

The modern home owner is often looking for living solutions that respond to multiple issues, including extra storage, workspace, hobby space and relaxing, a new conservatory or replacement conservatory roof can deliver. If you are thinking about an extension or changing the way you use your home then call Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists for a hassle free, discussion.

We will happily give you a 3D design of your new conservatory, a fully inclusive price to install and provide all of the necessary building controls along with our comprehensive insurance backed warranty.