The Beauty of T-Shaped Conservatories

The T-shape conservatory key features are a combination of styles incorporating VictorianGable ended, Georgian or Edwardian. It allows 2 distinct living spaces within one room and really suits larger properties with larger gardens. The central part of the conservatory tends to protrude out into the garden, almost creating a porch effect and allowing so much light into the property.

The Classic Shape of a T Shaped Conservatory

The T-shape conservatory is a grand style extending in outwards into the garden and with the additional T-shape section being used as additional space and the more horizontal area as another large and open space. They are superb and grand structures designed to impress!

The most important feature of T-shape conservatories is that they can so much extra room to any property but they sit better in properties with much larger garden spaces. They simply make an excellent extension to your property.


The T-shape conservatories, as mentioned above, incorporate Victorian, Gable ended, Georgian or Edwardian. They have the option of combining these styles.

Again, the T shaped conservatories can be all glass, from the ground up or built on a small 600mm dwarf wall to match the existing brickwork of your property. They simply stand impressive, creating so much light and space into your home. You can consider fully a glazed roof or if the real feel of a proper extension takes your fancy, you can opt for a tiled solid roof. You can see more about these warm roofs on our Warm Tiled Roof page.

T Shaped Conservatories are available for installation throughout the year. So why not let us at Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists design the perfect conservatory for you. contact page today using our contact form or phone us on 01246 558695.

Conservatories are Adding Value To Customers Homes

Is it time to move or improve? a constant question asked by home owners, need extra living space yet you love the area you are living in, then a new Conservatory or Replacement Conservatory roof may be the answer you are looking for.

The modern home owner is often looking for living solutions that respond to multiple issues, including extra storage, workspace, hobby space and relaxing, a new conservatory or replacement conservatory roof can deliver. If you are thinking about an extension or changing the way you use your home then call Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists for a hassle free, discussion.

We will happily give you a 3D design of your new conservatory, a fully inclusive price to install and provide all of the necessary building controls along with our comprehensive insurance backed warranty.